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Zdroj: http://www.cyberneticpunks.com/forums/starwars-old-republic/7857-datacrons-everything-you-need-know.html

The Basics:

Datacrons are small cubes hidden throughout the universe of SWTOR. They either give boosts to a single stat or they give you a matrix shard. Each type of datacron has a specific color:
Strength: Red
Endurance: Green
Willpower: Purple
Cunning: Orange
Aim: White
Presence: Yellow
Shards: Also White (but instead of there being a symbol on the side of the cube these have a pattern of dots that form a cross on each side of the cube. There are 4 different colors of shards: Red, Yellow, Green, and Blue. These shards can be used to make Matrix cubes which I will talk about later.

The datacrons also glow and emit a pillar of colored light into the sky making them more visible if they are in the open. They also make a sound that you can hear when you are in the close vicinity of a datacron.

Locations by Planet:
There are a total of 66 Datacrons in the SWTOR universe. Here are their locations by planet. We did this on the Empire side but the Republic side should mirror it. I know Beef_Cake is working on things on the Republic side and I will update this later.

GH = Galactic Histories

Korriban (3):

Endurance +4:
Loc: 128, 81 - Near the shuttle that you leave the planet on.
Willpower +4:
Loc: 529, 64 - This is located on a plateau near the first shuttle your quests will take you.
Red Matrix Shard:
Loc: -42, 582 - Located in the non-instanced group area inside the tomb of Tulak Hord.

Tython (3):

Endurance +4 (GH 9):
Loc: -33, -101 - This Datacron is in a cave in a mountainside. It is due East of the Forward Camp Speeder. There are two methods you may use to access this Datacron. I opted to scale the rockface and through trial and error got my footing and my datacron. There is another entrance to the cave located in Flesh Raider Territory at -28, 22 If you are in that area you simply need only kill a few level 6 mobs to access the Datacron.
Blue Matrix Shard (GH 11):
Loc: -93, 919 - South of the Forge Remnants there is a path (-195, 812) that leads to the area the Datacron is in. The Datacron is on a raised area (easy to get to) with a "strong" flesh raider worshipping it.
Willpower +4 (GH 10):
Loc: -642, -70 - From the Forward camp proceed to Ruins of Kaleth, up the stairs and to the first building on the right, climb the rubble on the left and then up the fallen tower up the hill pass the stump and the tree.

Hutta (3):

Aim +4:
Loc: -94, 859 - This is on an unaccessable hill side. You need to climb a nearby pipe to a higher vantage point and jump down to it.
Blue Matrix Shard:
Loc: -10, 322 - This is inside the Sewer Maintenance Tunnels.
Presence +4:
Loc: 650, -107 - This is located on an island. Follow the pipeline that leads to the island and you'll be able to get this one.

Ord Mantell (3):

Red Matrix Shard (GH 14):
Loc: 778, 134. - This Datacron is Northeast of Falks Reach Speeder (North of Mannett Point) on the beach on the north side of the island. There is one level 8 Elite guard that will need to be killed.
Aim +4 (GH 12):
Loc: -657, -575 - This Datacron is located on Savrip Island which is almost due West of Oradam Village. When you arrive at the island you will notice a rocky hill, the Datacron is on top of that hill. You should be able to see it's glow as soon as you enter the island. This is a group area consisting of various strong and elite level 8 mobs.
Presence +4 (GH 13):
Loc: -975, 203 - This Datacron is located west of the Volcano on the beach. Nothing special needs to be done to get to this datacron, you just have to run up the beach from the Volcano Camp.

Dromund Kaas (5):

Strength +4 (GH 7):
Loc: 855, 643 - This is located in shuttle bay D-61 on the west wall on top of some boxes. You will need to jump onto a ventilation pipe from the walkway above to get to this.
Endurance +4 (GH 4):
Loc: -795, 1451 - There is a path that leads up behind Lord Grathan's Estate.
Yellow Matrix Shard (GH 6):
Loc: -189, 1737 - This Datacron is located on top of a waterfall in The , Malignnt Bog. There is a path just to the south that leads up to the top of the waterfall.
Presence +4 (GH 8):
Loc: 581, 796 - Follow the road that heads Southwest from the starport to it's end.
Cunning +4 (GH 5):
Loc: -1219, 211 - This Datacron is located on top of a rock. You will need to fall to it from a higher location. There is a path that you'll need to jump to get onto that is located at approx -1090, 209 that will lead to a good vantage point to access this Datacron.

Coruscant (5):
Locations on Coruscant have not been verified. Sorry, I don't have a sufficiently high Republic character.

Endurance +4 (GH 4):
Loc: -3625, 150 - Datacron is in Black Sun territory near near the Sienna Sun Cantina exit. You need to jump up the crates by the digger. Once you're up, you just walk across to it.
Presence +4 (GH 8):
Loc: 2320, 10551 - In the Old Market you will see two ships in circles on the deck. Go west and then up.
Cunning +4 (GH 5):
Loc: 1020, -3969 - Justicar Area
Strength +4 (GH 7):
Loc: -3087, 3031 - You will need to go to the second level in the lift. You will see a leaning pillar (around -3106, 2922) and a left round edge. Round the column and then drop down.
Yellow Matrix Shard (GH 6):
Loc: 950, 4541 - In the Works East of Map climb (Starting at 1177, 4419) following the pipes. This will be a fairly long run.


Cunning +4:
Loc: 1850, 111 - Located in the Balmorran Arms Factory
Green Matrix Shard:
Loc: -505, 1989 - This is located in the Neebray Wharehouse - Lower Level and requires 2 people to access it. The closest flight path is Troida.

Willpower +10:
Loc: -781, 2067 - In Gorinth Canyon, Take the 3 bridges out of Gorinth Outpost then cross the pipe and drop down to this datacon.
Cunning +10:
Loc: -211, -293 - In the Colicoid Queen's nest near bugtown, enter the queen's chamber and on the left hand wall is a maintenance tunnel leading to the datacon.

*The locations are shared, yet the datacrons are different.

Aim +4 (GH 23) (Empire)
Aim +10 (Republic):
Loc: -1019, 1514 - This is located in the Okara Droid Factory, take the lift to the assembly line and look for a entrance below one of the production lines. The closest flight path is Markaran.
Willpower +4 (Empire)
Endurance +10 (Republic):
Loc: 192, -343 - This one is located near the bugtown flightpath. You need to purchase a Lost Code Cylinder from the vendor located at: 670, 38 to open the locked box this datacron is in.
Strength +4 (Empire)
Presence +10 (Republic):
Loc: 727, 2033 - Head south from the Sundari outpost, across the bridge then head south from the bridge, dont walk along the cliff and if you see a white turret your heading in the right direction.

Endurance +6

Nar Shaddaa (5):

Strength +6:
Loc: 1943, 2481 - Near the Network Access Taxi you will be able to look down and see what looks like a taxi below. You need to carefully fall to the platform that taxi is sitting on. That taxi will bring you to a Datacron. You can then use the communicator to return.
Presence +6:
Loc: 2930, 397 - This datacron is on a raised platform in the Rebel Refugee Section in the Duros Sector. You are going to need some serious platforming skills to access this one. You start your platforming at 1616, -2676 (No that's not a misprint). You want to jump on the boxes, hop on the beam, run to the catwalk, jump on a "canvas" to the next catwalk. You will see an elevator, take it to the Residential Catwalk. At this point you are above the datacron, look around, plan your moves and claim your prize. It should be noted that if you fail to hit the beams after you take the elevator, you will either die to the fall or the groups of four elite mobs; enjoy!
Aim +6:
Loc: -3700, -1692 - This datacron is on a raised platform in the Corellian Sector. You will notice a floating Kiosk in this area, it makes a circle around this room (takes approx 10 mins to complete a circle). You will need to jump onto the roof above the bench at -3785, -1681 (use the nearby crates and shelves to get there) and get your ride on the floating Kiosk at that location.

Strength +6:
Loc: 2192, 3068 - This is located in the Shadow town area, head up the ramp and across the bridge and jump across beams to reach the Datacon.
Aim +6:
Loc: -3364,-3312 - In the nikito sector, there is a Datacon on top of a poll. Look for a pile of boxes in the corner to climb your way up and across the wire to get to it.
Precence +6:
Loc: 3341, -3291 - In the Red light sector, enter the group area located at 3462, -3521 turn right and right again till you hear the matrix cube sound then climb up to the elevator to get to the Datacon

Cunning +6:
Loc:1931, 3314 - Inside the Highsecurity lockdown area, look for a pile of creates, climb them to gain access to the incinerator room, whille in this room you need to quickly run to the other side to access the console and input one of these commands ventilation 3918, hydro 3782, incinerator 3827 the door to the datacon will open pick it up but dont forget to search the game machine next to it to obtain the item to get the next datacon.
Yellow Matrix Shard:
Loc: 1702 3084 - Inside the Network Security room just before the Transit Bridge theres a pile of boxes climb up them to the next level to find a game machine with a datacon in it, use the item gained from the insinerator datacon to open it.

Tatooine (5):

Cunning +6:
Loc: -720, 3912 - This is on a rooftop in Mos Ila and will require jumping from rooftop to rooftop until you get to the right place. You can start your roof walking at: -1005, 3887.

Cunning +6:
Loc: 959, -2885 - One in Anchorhead above the Underworld Trading trainer, you get to this by prince of persia styling from a wall in the north-west corner with sand built up to allow you to get onto the wall (You need to be outside the main city walls to locate this).

Willlpower +6:
Loc: 625, 202 - You need to stand on the edge of the ledge (Location: 586, 294) and look down, you will see a protrusion in the rock face, there is a cave there. You need to carefully jump to that location across the rock face.
Aim +6:
Loc: -2071, 755 - This Datacron is located on the wing of the crashed ship. You will need to access this from the cliff face in the Crashed Transport Ship (Group Area).
Strength +6:
Loc: -3841, -600 - This Datacron is on the side of the sand crawler. You may access it by standing directly against the side of the sandcrawler.
Blue Matrix Shard
Loc: -3850, -600 - This Datacron is on the top of the sand crawler. You may only access it by taking a ride on the jawa balloon, look around coords -3158, 783 for a partially buried sand crawler, this is where you will get on the jawa baloon. Jump off the baloon when you're over the sand crawler with the datacron. The balloon takes roughly an hour to circumvent Tatooine so do this when you have time.

Alderaan (5):

Endurance +6:
Loc: 2721, 2494 - You will enter a cave at: 2374, 2450 and follow the tunnel that goes strait in. You will see a blast pack attached to the wall that can be used to blow away rock and claim your Datacron.
Strength +10:
Loc: 2191, -2018 - This Datacron is located on the face of the dam, on a small ledge. You need to go around the backside of the dam, and jump from 2240, -2026 using obstacles to break your fall halfway down. There is a "Magnetic Stabilizer" right above the platform, you can click on it from the nearby ledge and it pulls you over.
Aim +10
Loc: 1105, 80 - This Datacron is located on an island that is only accessible via a very slow trolly, You may enter the trolly at: 1090, -7.
Willpower +6
Loc: -2507, -425 - This Datacron is inside Castle Panteer on the Mezzanine floor. You will find a door that looks forced open, it leads to the grand staircase.
Presence +6:
Loc: -162, -336 - It's halfway up the big rock holding up the centre of the bridge in Glarus Valley. There appears to be no access to this Datacron.

Presence datacron state value not confirmed.


Endurance +6:
Loc: -1513, -255 - You are going to need to do some walking across a ledge (Ledge Entrance at: -1367, -208), then jump to what looks like a big broken pipe and make your way to this Datacron. At the time of this writing there is a graphical glitch that will cause the ledge to disappear from view, this only lasts for a few meters, so be careful. Nearest shuttle (for Imperials) is Crater Command Base.
Cunning +10:
Loc: -643, 1606 - You will enter the Abandoned Pirate Cave at -768, 1191 and take the elevator in the back of the room to the bottom floor (Republic Mine). When you arrive at the room with the Datacron you will notice a bulldozer in the room. You will need to jump onto the bulldozer and then jump box to box until you reach the Datacron. The closest flight path is Bomber Command Post. This one is frustrating, but at least you won't die to fall damage!
Aim +10:
Loc: 1047, 454 - This Datacron is almost due east of 75th Legion Forward Camp on a beam that is raised off the ground. To access it you will need to jump up on the beam and walk to it. Again patience on your jumps will get you to your prize! Access to the beam can be had at: 941, 314.
Presence +10:
Loc: 1187,-574 - You will enter Transport Station 5 (Directly North of Border Assault Post) at 390, 3 at the first split in the road you will make a left turn and keep going until you arrive at the Datacron location. The Datacron is located on a raised platform, it is fairly obvious how you will access it.
Willpower +10:
Loc: 442, -772 - The last location is Northeast of Forward Post Alpha. You will be doing some beam walking starting at location: 359, -901. If you fall, you WILL die!
Willpower +10:
Loc: Not Provided - [R] This datacron is in the Abandoned Power Plant within Tulara Marsh up on a gantry inside the area. You need 2 people to get this datacron. Infront of the datacron is a small lower area that you can get to by a slope. Just the the side of the slope is a box with 2 pipe ends in it. At the end of the slope on the same side is a box of machinery with an interactive switch. Now.....player (A) needs to stand over the pipe end thats nearest the switch machinery but closer to the middle of the pipe ends box while facing AWAY from the machinery with the interactive switch. Player (B) then activates the switch and Player (A) will shoot up into the air and hopefully land on the pipes high up. You should have landed on the top of 2 thick pipes. Drop down onto the lower thick pipe and you should then see a thin pipe leading toward the datacron. From there it should be easy.

Endurance +6
Willpower +10
Cunning +10
Presence +10
Aim +10

Strength +4
Willpower +4
Cunning +4
Aim +4 (GH 23)
Green Shard

Quesh (3):

Endurance +10:
Loc: 207, 769 - Look for a swear pipe with bars and you should be able to see the datacon, theres a entrace to the datacon from the north and south.
Cunning +10
Loc: 426, -130 - This is northwest of the Republic Operational Headquarters. Fairly easy to find, go to the target area, you'll see a hole in the fence.
Strength +10:
Loc: 558, 1422 - Near the three families war camp on a hill.

Hoth (5):

Red Matrix Shard:
Loc: -735, 1702 - This Datacron is located in the Highmount Ridge area which is South of Leth Outpost. The Datacron is out in the open, nothing special needed to claim it.
Cunning +10:
Loc: 3143, 471 - This Datacron is located on the second floor of the Star of Coruscant. You will need to use the 3 moving boxes to navigate your way to the Datacron. Your starting point is 3248, 493. The entrance to the Star of Coruscant is on the bottom right of the starship graveyard.
Presence +10:
Loc: 1041, -1245 - This Datacron is almost a strait shot North of Frostwake Outpost near the top of the map. It appears to be on a hillside and unreachable however at 1145, -995 there is a ledge on the hillside that you can hop onto and ride it North. When the ledge ends you jump down (hug the wall) and follow the path through a cave and to your Datacron.
Endurance +10:
Loc: 2837, -374 - Jump up the ice from the start (2607, -844) until you are above what looks like an ice bridge, which you drop down onto. Then follow the routes jumping up the ice at the end to get to the right level and the Datacron should be at the end.
Strength +10

Strength +10 (Still haven't found this one)

Belsalvis (5):

Aim +10 (GH 68):
Loc: -2354, -2319 - In the tomb area, look for a lava pit and travel across the hard to see laser bridge.
Green Matrix Shard (GH 71):
Loc: -1906, -2562 - In the tomb area, there should be a lift in a small cave that takes you down to a machine that requires a group of people that all contain a Rakata Energy Cubes to create a datacon. Known spawn points for Rakata Cubes are: (-2711, 888), (-2789, 956), (-606, 746), there are likely other spawn points as well. At present time, this Datacron is broken and does not give you the promised Matrix Shard.
Willpower +10:
Loc: -2073, 377 - In the Belsavis high security section you will find a pathway located at (-2399, 391) follow it to the Datacron.
Presence +10:
Loc: -3484, -867 - Your start point for this is a pair of rocks (-3705, -562). You will notice a tunnel between the rocks, follow it and walk along the ledge to the right to the datacron. This is located in the Belsalvis Maximum Security Section almost directly to the east of the Maximum Security Thoroughfare.
Endurance +10:
Loc: -2562,-839 - This Datacron is located in a cave in the Northern section of the High Security Area. Starting point is -2475,-775 there a large group of rocks there go around and climb on the rocks and you'll see a large gap between the rocks and the wall go down this gap and you'll see a cave entrance the datacron is inside the cave.

Voss (5):

Strength +10:
Endurance +10:
(Currently bugged for Imperial players)
Cunning +10:
Willpower +10:
Loc: -29, 371 - This one is fairly strait forward to get to. At location -442, 402 you will see a grassy path, which you will follow to a rock formation (-432, 179) forming "steps" you will jump from one step to another. At the top of the steps there is a cave, you will follow the cave to your prize. Near the Fort Kodentha flight path.
Presence +10:
Loc: 2000, -940 - In the Northeast corner of the nightmare lands you will find a small island with three Voss Mystics meditating. You will click on a mediation tablet that will put you in a dream state. You need only click the Datacron at this point.

Corellia (7)

Strength +10:
Willpower +10:
Cunning +10:
Presence +10:
Aim +10:
Green Shard:
Blue Shard:

Ilum (5):

Endurance +10:
Willpower +10:
Aim +10:
Red Shard:
Yellow Shard:

So if you add all these up you'll see that there are 9 datacrons for each stat: +4(2), +6(2), +10(5), giving you a total of +70 to each stat if you collect all the stat datacrons. You'll also notice that there are 3 shards of each color, making up the other 12 datacrons for a total of 66. I think this is a pretty nice stat increase for the work put in, not to mention the Matrix Cubes you can make with the shard datacrons. Speaking of Matrix Cubes...

Matrix Cubes (Relics):
Matrix Cubes can be created on your faction's capital planet. On Dromund Kaas they're created in the Ancient assembly chamber that is on the way to the Dark Temple. On Coruscant they're created in the Lost Assembly Vault which is directly to the West when you enter the Jedi Temple. Each character has 3 relic slots, however if you have a matrix cube on you, you cannot make another. But if you put your matrix cube in your cargo hold and return to the assembly room you can make another matrix cube. If you keep repeating the process you can make up to 4 and then equip 3 of them. I'm not sure if this is intended or a bug. I'm hoping that at release there will be other kinds of relics besides matrix cubes.
Different matrix cubes can be made depending on which color shards you put in the assembler and if you're a force user or tech user. It doesn't matter which order you put the shards in. The order the colors are listed in below is the way the game currently names the matrix cubes.
After creation matrix cubes can be broken down in the disassembler which is in the same area as the assembler. In order to power it you have to buy a Reconstructed Disassembler Core from a vendor on Tatooine in Mos Isla or Anchorhead depending on your faction. The Reconstructed Disassembler Core currently costs 20k.

Me and Dracarys each spent 400k testing all of these personally, so they have all been verified.

Matrix Cubes:
R = Red
Y = Yellow
G = Green
B = Blue

Lvl 15 (T2):
RBY: 11 Str, 15 End
BYG: 8 Str, 18 End
RBG: 15 Aim, 11 End
RYG: 15 End, 11 Will

Lvl 24 (T3):
RYY: 23 Str, 16 End, 5 Crit
BYY: 11 Aim, 24 End, 9 Def
GYY: 22 End, 17 Cun, 6 Crit
RBB: 16 End, 23 Will, 5 Crit
YBB: 11 Str, 24 End, 9 Def
GBB: 17 Aim, 22 End, 6 Crit

Lvl 32 (T4):
YRR: 14 Str, 33 End, 8 Acc, 10 Def
BRR: 22 End, 29 Will, 14 Crit
GRR: 23 Aim, 26 End, 16 Pow
RGG: 26 End, 23 Cun, 16 Crit
YGG: Bugged, gives YRR
BGG: 14 Aim, 33 End, 8 Shield, 10 Def

Lvl 50 (T7):
Force Users:
YYY: 24 Str, 62 End, 26 Def, 24 Surge
GGG: 50 Str, 43 End, 18 Crit, 26 Surge
RRR: 50 Will, 43 End, 18 Crit, 26 Surge
BBB: 50 Aim, 43 End, 26 Acc, 18 Crit (Possibly bugged since force users have no use for Aim)

Tech Users:
YYY: 24 Aim, 62 End, 24 Acc, 26 Def
GGG: 50 Str, 43 End, 18 Crit, 26 Surge (Also possibly bugged)
RRR: 52 End, 43 Cun, 18 Crit, 24 Surge
BBB: 50 Aim, 43 End, 26 Acc, 18 Crit

Currently you can find Matrix Prisms, Matrix emitters, and Matrix amplifiers that say they can be used to alter matrix cubes when they are being created. They can be found through archeology (not sure about other gathering skills). Currently there is no use for them in game. I imagine they will be used to make T5, T6, and T8 matrix cubes. Hopefully their uses will be more interesting than just boosting stats though.

My favorite datacrons:
Green shard on Corellia: I love this datacron, almost everything you use to access the datacrons before this one is used to access this one datacron. It was very enjoyable to figure out.
Aim datacron on Corellia: The way you access this datacron is just awesome and funny. Really enjoyed this one.
Blue shard on Corellia: This one reminded me of traveling in Freeport as a Dark Elf in EQ1. Love the way you get to this datacron.
Aim datacron on Belsavis (The Indiana Jones DC): Love the way you access this one, great job whoever thought of this one.

Most hated datacrons:
Green Shard Belsavis: Seriously I don't know what you were thinking when you implemented the mechanic for getting this datacron. This is the only datacron in the game that I suggest changing. Getting this datacron is a huge GRIND and nothing more. You're required to collect multiple items that randomly spawn on the biggest planet in the SWTOR universe, not to mention it's the absolute worst planet to get around on.
The only saving grace to this datacron is that if one person has the items required and opens the datacron multiple people can access it. Also it seems the cubes can be traded so if you hunt them down as a group it wouldn't be as bad. But it's still going to be a grind. The only reason I got this one was because I was on Belsavis when Dracarys was grinding this one out, it took him something like 3 hours of running around Belsavis to get the items, largely because their spawn points seem to be completely random and these things are actually harder to see than the datacrons themselves. Personally I've seen two in all the time I've spent on Belsavis, which is considerable because it is the worst planet to look for datacrons on.
I suggest completely reworking this datacron (if you need some ideas I have a bunch). If you leave it the way it is at least make the mobs on belsavis have a chance to drop the items you need. After all they're all over the planet it wouldn't be weird for some of the prisoners to pick them up or for a Rabid Veractyl to eat one.
Datacrons are supposed to be fun and the vast majority of them are. This one is not only not fun but it makes you want to smash a kitten. For the sake of the kittens please change this datacron.
Edit: So we found out these energy cubes aren't completely random and they are tradeable. You can even trade to ppl that already have the shard even though they can't pick up cubes. I imagine you're not allowed to pick up cubes after you have the shard so that ppl don't farm them and then sell them to others that need them. Also Multiple people can put in cubes to power the machine as long as 4 cubes end up in it. So I hate this datacron a little less because it encourages people to work together, but I still think it's the worst datacron in the game.
Strength Datacron on Hoth (if it exists): For the life of me we searched this whole **** planet and can't find this thing.

Worst planets to datacron hunt:
Belsavis - This planet is huge, there are tons of places to hide datacrons, and if you've been on this planet you know traveling anywhere is a chore at best. This planet is nice to look at but I hate it as far as getting around and datacron hunting.
Hoth - Looking at this planet for extended periods of time makes your eyes bleed. This is not conducive with datacron hunting. This planet is also huge, but thankfully very open.
Taris - Same as Belsavis minus the getting around part.

Known Bugs:
• The Endurance datacron on Voss is currently not accessible to Imperial players. We've seen Republic players get and had detailed conversations about what they did to access it and done the same thing. When we try to access this datacron we get a red message that says "Not eligible for this conversation". You get this same message when you stand at max right clicking range from other datacrons (the point where the hand turns white and allows you to right click on something). Also the datacron pulls my character right up on top of it before it gives me the message. I've tried accessing it from different distances, from max range all the way to on top of it. Nothing works, please fix this ASAP. (PS if any Imperial player has been able to access this datacron please PM me and tell me what you did).
• The tunnel to the Willpower datacron on Voss is currently blocked by an invisible wall. The only way to get to the datacron currently is to "strategically" fall down the cliff side. I've tried going through the tunnel from both sides and hit the wall from both sides.
• The stat datacrons currently don't actually add to your stats.
• The Aim datacron on Ilum doesn't give a codex entry. There are two other datacrons that also don't give codex entries but I didn't notice it until sometime after I had gotten them so I'm not sure which ones they are right now. When we get our free lvl 40 characters I'm going to go back through and get all the DCs and see which ones they are.
• If you put a green shard into the matrix cube assembler you can't right click on it and change it to a different color (for example, you accidentally click green instead of blue and want to change it). You have to leave the assembly room and logout. You can change any of the other colors once you've put them in.
• If you put YGG into the matrix cube assembler it gives you the matrix cube for YRR. I tried it twice and even put the crystals in the assembler in different orders and got YRR both times. Dracarys also tried it twice on a Tech user with the same result.
• I have /bug'd all these in game. Please keep an eye out for these and /bug them when they happen to you.
Possible bugs: If a force user puts BBB into the matrix cube assembler they get the same thing a tech user gets (a datacron with Aim), so I personally think this is a bug. If this is intended then it should be changed to some other form of a Willpower datacron because Aim is completely useless to force users and there are already two melee lvl 50 datacrons (YYY and GGG). The same thing happens if a Tech user puts GGG into the assembler they get the melee dps cube, so we're pretty sure these are bugged right now.
If you put your matrix cube in your cargo hold you can go back and make another one until you have 4. Then you can equip 3.

Other Suggestions:
Currently the datacron sounds are under ambient sound. The problem is that speeder sounds are also under ambient sound. There have been times when I thought my ears were going to bleed from straining to hear over my speeder. Please move speeder sounds to Sound FX or give me an option in preferences to turn speeder sounds off. They're way too loud compared to all the other ambient sounds.

Disassembler Cores:
Currently disassembler cores cost 20k credits. My issue with this is that most people will not make a lvl 15 matrix cube because of this. They'll just wait till lvl 24 and make one then. I suggest having different disassembler cores that are used to disassemble the different lvls of matrix cubes. Lvl 15 disassembler core would cost 5k, lvl 24 10k, lvl 32 15k and lvl 50 20k. I think this would encourage people to start using matrix cubes at lvl 15 and to upgrade them as they level.

Currently the codex for datacrons is a hot mess. The Galactic histories aren't listed in numerical order, they just seem to get put in in the order that you find them in. It would be much nicer if the codex entries for datacrons were further organized under the datacron tab by which planet they were found on. This would allow people to keep track of which planets they've found all the datacrons on and which ones they still need to work on.

Datacron Hunting tips:
Explore, explore, explore. Some datacrons are out in the open and easy to see but there are plenty that aren't. There are even some that you can't see until you're already in a position that allows you to gain access to them.
If you see a vendor in the middle of nowhere selling only blue items or a vendor selling strange items anywhere, you'll probably need those at some point.
When looking for a path to a datacron be prepared to travel a significant distance from the datacron to find the beginning of the path. They aren't all like this, but there is one planet in particular that is notorious for this.
Hunt in groups, the more eyes the better.
Keep your ears open, most of the time I could hear the datacrons before I saw them. Also helps if you turn down the volume on everything except ambient sound.

I'll continue to edit this as I get more information. I know Beef_Cake is working on everything on the Republic side so I'll add the rest of those planets when he's done. If you have anything to add just post it here and I'll get around to it when I can.
Again thanks to Dracarys and everyone else who helped us get this far in the datacron hunt. One datacron to go, hope we find it soon.

Darkness beyond twilight, Crimson beyond blood that flows, Buried in the stream of time is where your power grows, I pledge myself to conquer all the foes who stand, before the mighty gift bestowed in my unworthy hand, Let the fools who stand before me be destroyed, by the power you and I possess... DRAGON SLAVE!
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Star Wars: The Old Republic: PC Performance, Benchmarked

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Huttball Warzone Tips

SWTOR UI Tips (Healing Frames, Focus Target)

Video Guide #10: Crew Skills (Crafting Basics)

Lusinchi Puts the Clarity Smackdown on Item Modification

SWTOR’s Magical Mystery Boxes: Datacrons

Fully Operational: All Of The Stats, All The Time!

Know Your Enemy: Crowd Control Abilities

The Quick and Dirty Guide to SWTOR Crew Skills

DAoC, AC2, SWG, WoW, EQ2, VG, AO, Rift, SWToR, GW2, WildStar.

Edited by - hRoch on 12/12/2011 23:48:34
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Pro WoW hrace prirovnani class:


Jedi Sage / Sith Sorcerer - caster

Seer/Corruption (Healer) - Disc Priest + Riptide/Tidal Waves + emergency Lifetap. Uses "mana" (thanks boredlol)
Telekinetics/Lightning (dps) - Fire mage rotation /w slower cast times + Ele shaman (thanks boredlol)
Balance/Madness (dps) - Shadow Priest/Lock (thanks Boredlol)

Jedi Shadow / Sith Assassin - stealth class

Kinetic combat / Darkness (Tank) - DK style tank with death grip - Less self healing but more mitigation
Infiltration / Deception - Rogue (heavy positional focus) + enh shaman due to ranged force abilities
Balance / Madness - More enh sham than rogue - heavy dot focus

Jedi Guardian / Sith Juggernaut - single lightsaber

Defense / Immortal (tank) - Prot war - Most defensive CD's
Vigilance / Vengeance (dps) - Arms war without MS debuff iirc - fair amount of focus on dots
Focus / Rage (dps) - heavy hitting war with a lot of utility

Jedi Sentinel / Sith Marauder - dual wield

Watchman / Annihilation (dps) - Fury war with bleed focus
Combat / Carnage (dps) - Fury war with multiple sources of damage on strikes (fast hitter)
Focus / Rage (dps) - Heavy hitting utility fury spec

Gunslinger / Sniper - heavy use of cover mechanics and ranged

sharpshooter / Marksmanship (dps) - Marksman hunter+ vanilla fire mage (thanks Yshaana) - no pet
Saboteur / Engineering (dps) - Survival hunter - no pet
Dirty fighting / Lethality (dps) - AoE, Bleeds, and ranged - Frost DK/hunter (Thanks Boredlol)

Scoundrel / Operative - stealth class

Sawbones / Medicine (healer) - Resto druid but using energy instead of mana
Scrapper / Concealment (dps) - Feral druid - Hard hitting + bleed effects + heavy resource management
Dirty Fighting / Lethality - Feral druid with more utility + better bleeds + heavy resource management

Commando / Mercenary - Ranged

Combat medic / Bodyguard (healer) - Holy Pally + Earth shield. Uses Ammo/Heat mechanic instead of mana
Gunnery / Arsenal (dps) - Hard hitting Ranged DPS with important resource management and debuff stacking - Think Heavy Armor Arcane Mage (thanks L1M3)
Assault Specialist / Pyrotech (dps) - More dot focus than gunnery

Vanguard / Powertech - medium ranged (thanks L1M3)

Shield Specialist / Shield Tech (tank) - Pally tank w/o HoPo but more dot focused - mid ranged tank
Tactics / Advanced Prototype (dps) - Ret pally/Frost dk for quick movement and heavy hits
Assualt specialist / Pyrotech (dps) - More dot focused Ret Pally/unholy dk

Again, this is just a mechanical comparison attempting to explain how the class will feel in terms of role and playstyle. This is not stating that all these classes exactly play like these WoW classes.

Darkness beyond twilight, Crimson beyond blood that flows, Buried in the stream of time is where your power grows, I pledge myself to conquer all the foes who stand, before the mighty gift bestowed in my unworthy hand, Let the fools who stand before me be destroyed, by the power you and I possess... DRAGON SLAVE!
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Přehled CZ Guild

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furt tam naky guildy chybej :)

CzH, MdK, ReD, Ragnarok, Pohodari, Multa Nocent
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rozhodně chybějí, třeba ta naše :)

Ceska Legie na PvE serveru Luka Sene za Empire

v prelaunch programu nás bylo celkem malo (asi 8), ale skutečnost bude podstatně vyšší po 20.12., tak mezi 20 - 30.
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TO bude asi tim, ze se jim musi nekdo ozvat:)

AO: Pan Shade Tojejedno + PvP nub - retarded (tm)by NerfTý Mittra
VG: Jsem takova mala pisnicka - retarded s potencialem
EQ2: Tojeonde - Pivipi - retarded
Rift: Tojejedno - nejakej FOTM class, takze klerik asi:/ - retarded
FF XIV: Toje Tojejedno - a opet retarded, hrozna hra
TESO - tojejedno - sorcka - Sem se vratil z dovolene a prej uz se to nehraje

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Originally posted by tojejedno

TO bude asi tim, ze se jim musi nekdo ozvat:)

no to bude možná tím :) ale nijak zvlašť mě to netrápí :)
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